Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow – Understanding Lip Fillers

Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow – Understanding Lip Fillers

Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow has become very popular in recent years. It is very common nowadays, especially for celebrities to undergo the process of lip fillers. But what actually is this? What does it involve? In this article, we will be answering some of these questions that might have been bothering your mind. Read on to understand what this is all about before you even consider whether this is for you. (According to

 What are the lip fillers?

Lip fillers refer to hyaluronic acid or simply the collagen which is usually injected into your lip area. This is usually done using a needle and with an aim of increasing the volume and size of your lips. Depending on the size of your lips, you might require to go for several sessions and therefore, this is not an overnight thing. For instance, people with very thin lips will require more sessions than those people with thicker lips. The more the number of sessions you need, the more expensive it becomes.

Lip fillers

 How expensive are the lip fillers?

Lip fillers are always charged depending on the number of ml. Normally, the prices range from 300 to 500 dollars per every ml injected. This means that, for those people with very thin lips, more ml fillers are required and hence more money. In this issue still, the expenses will also depend on how big you want your lips to be and therefore, there is no uniform price as everyone might have different needs.

 How painful is the process?

Most people wonder if there is any pain experienced during this procedure. To answer this, I would say that it will largely depend on the person working on you and the numbing treatments that they will give to you. Below are examples of numbing treatments used:

l Dental block– Which is the best and the patient doesn’t feel any pain.

l Numbing gel– Which is very common but still not very effective.

Always make sure that you communicate with your doctor and ask them what type of numbing treatment they are using. Choose the one that you prefer the most.

 Are the results immediate?

A slight swelling of your lips will be observed immediately after undergoing this process. Within 24 hours, the final results will be visible. It is always advisable that you take some arnica tablets to minimize the bruising effect. For most people, top-ups will be important for every five to six months. This is important so as to maintain the new appearance. However, the frequency of top-up will differ depending on an individual.

Lip fillers

 How safe are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are safe but only if done correctly and by a skilled and experienced practitioner. You must never joke around with this procedure and it is therefore very important that you ensure that you hire someone who is very reputable. Joking with your lips can lead to irreversible disaster.

 Is this a permanent procedure?

No, this is not a permanent procedure and if there are errors, it can be reversed. The hyaluronic acid is usually dissolved by employing the use of a certain enzyme known as the hyaluronidase.

Many people search for cosmetic surgery in Glasgow but before you decide to go ahead with any treatment always make sure that you do enough research as the success of this procedure will highly depend on the expertise of the practitioner.