Office Refurbishment Scotland | How to Prepare for an Office Revamp

Office Refurbishment Scotland | How to Prepare for an Office Revamp

When it comes to office refurbishment in Scotland, you want to ensure that you have a plan in place from the get-go. Office refurbishments can cause disruption in the workplace, so ensuring things run as smoothly as possible is essential.

Plan Your Budget and Timescale

Before you start any refurbishment work it’s important to determine a budget and timescale. Think through how much everything is going to cost and how long it will take.

Always have a back-up plan in case the expenses or time frame don’t fit in with your plan.

Inspire Employees

Your office refurbishment project should first and foremost inspire employees. The working environment that you create for them should fit their needs and allow them to think freely. Think about the layout of the space and what can be done to improve it. Ask staff what they want and work together with the design team to try and create somewhere that they’re going to enjoy coming in and working.

Inform Your Staff

Make sure you tell your staff if there is going to be any disruption to the office. Depending on the type of refurbishment project, the office space may be inaccessible and you may need to hire temporary office space or get staff to work from home during this period.

Even small scale refurbishments can cause disruption, so keeping your staff on the same page will help ensure that you keep your workforce as happy and stress free as possible.

Delegate Work

There may be some tasks that need to be delegated among employees. Things such as clearing out desks, ensuring correct paper work is where it needs to be, putting important documents in a store cupboard etc. Pretty much all the things that the refurbishment company are not responsible for. Unless you can hire a company that can do it all.


You need to figure out what furniture is staying, what is going and what is coming in new. You may not cover all these categories, but having a concrete plan in place will help you, staff and the refurbishment company know what’s going on.

When selecting new furniture for the office, you need to ensure that it’s practical for staff. Your staff need appropriate seats for sitting at their desks, desks at a right height.

Use a Reliable Company

When undergoing any sort of refurbishment, especially office refurbishment in Scotland, it is important to ensure the company you’re using is reliable. Look for client testimonials, pictures previous work done. Ask a few different companies for quotes and remember that a cheaper deal isn’t always going to be the best option.