Should You Consider A Basement Conversion?

Should You Consider A Basement Conversion?

We recently had a basement conversion completed by Richardson and Starling. In this article we will give you an insight into our experience with the basement conversion process and how effective we found it was overall.

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Protecting Our Property

One of the main motivations behind our decision to organise a basement conversion was to protect our property from water , condensation or damp damage. We have learnt over time that protecting your property from damp and condensation is vital as these factors can have detrimental affects on the habitability of your property overall.

In order to get the basement conversion organised , one of the first steps we took was to have a property survey undertaken on our property. The survey uncovered a number of underlying issues with the basement as well as some other minor issues in other parts of the building.

This was one of the major motivating factors for us to have a basement conversion organised. In addition to this , we conducted research online into basement conversions and found lists of the multiple benefits that they could bring to people overall.

Basement conversion

What Is A Basement Conversion?

In order to fully understand what a basement conversion is , it is important to understand what is involved and what effect that it can have overall. One of the key things to note about a basement conversion is the positive impact it can have on your property.

By having your basement converted , it typically undergoes a stringent process of waterproofing as well as refurbishment in order to better protect the basement from a range of different issues. One of the main reasons that basements are susceptible to damp and flooding is because they are often cool and poorly ventilated which can easily lead to the build up of damp , condensation or mould.

Basement Conversion

What Risks Do Damaged Basements Pose?

There are a lot of different risks that can be associated with damaged basements. One of the biggest problems that can be associated with damaged basements is flooding. Flooding is a significant problem as it can lead to health hazards for inhabitants as well as irreversible property damage e.g structural damage.

Furthermore , if a basement is left unrepaired or to lie derelict then eventually the overall structural integrity of the entire building could well be undermined.

Further Ways To Look After Your Property

As well as ensuring the your basement has gone through a thorough basement conversion , there are of course other important ways through which you can look after your property. For example , upgrading the windows in your home can improve ventilation as well as reducing overall energy costs.

New windows fitted on homes can also help to slightly increase the overall value of the property. As well as adding new windows to a property , it may well be worth investing in a new heating system. Having a new heating system such as ground source heat pump installed can help to distribute heat throughout the property whilst keeping your costs low and your carbon emissions low.