Time Management And Organisation -Productivity Guide

Time Management And Organisation -Productivity Guide

Time management and overall organisation are two of the most fundamental and important skills that anyone can learn at any point in their lives. These two skills bind together many aspects of our lives and can determine how successful we are later in life. This guide will look at the benefits of effective time management as well as good organisation skills.

What Is Time Management?

Time management is the management of your time and activities. One of the main reasons why time management is important is that it is a skill which is used throughout your life and predominantly during your career or studies. One of the most important places in which you can use time management skills is Work. Work often requires effective time management in order for projects to be completed on time and effectively.

One of the main reasons that time management is so important is lack of time management can lead to projects failing , being late and a general lack of effectiveness inside and outside of work. Poor time management can lead to you giving a bad impression as good time management is normally a good indicator that you are a hard worker and work effectively.

In terms of learning time management as a skill it generally needs to be self taught but there are some institutions that teach effective time management. One of the most notable institutions that value time management is the armed forces. The armed forces are built around self discipline and efficiency and time management comes as part of this package overall.


Organisation is closely related to time management and is something that is required to ensure people can keep track of what they are doing in life overall and that what they are doing is organised. Organisation overall can be measured in various ways.

One sign of someone who might be disorganised is a messy room or office. This can be a sign of poor organisation although some people with poor organisation skills have more creative flair amongst other skills.

Throughout your lifetime , like time management organisation skills are essential in order to ensure that projects are competed on time and that you can effectively micro manage different tasks at the same time.

If you lapse into having poor organisational skills then you may become stressed and under a lot more pressure as achieving results may become more difficult as a direct consequence of poor organisational skills.

Tips To Improve Time Management And Organisational Skills Overall.

There are a number of different ways in which you can improve your time management and organisational skills. Here are some of our most recommended methods.

  • Using sticky notes with daily tasks and placing them in different locations is a good way in which you can improve your overall productivity and organisation
  • In order to improve your time management/organisation skills starting a spreadsheet with work you need to complete as well as different dates is a good way from which you can work towards your goals
  • For motivation a good way in which you can keep yourself motivated is by creating a document or file with goals that you would like to work towards. Doing this gives you a sense of fulfilment as well as motivation to work harder overall towards those specific goals.