Advantages of Wire Shelves for Your Industrial Workspace

Advantages of Wire Shelves for Your Industrial Workspace

When it comes to industrial workspaces you want to get the most functionality, efficiency and versatility as you can get, especially when it comes to storage solutions. Space can be a major issue in many warehouses and industrial workshops, due to this, clever storage ideas need to be put in place to ensure a smooth running operation. That’s where wire shelves come into play. Here are some of the advantages of using them in your industrial workspace.

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Advantages of Wire Shelves in an Industrial Workspace


If you are considering getting wire shelves for your industrial workspace, it is likely that the number one reason for getting them is for organisation and storage. Wire shelves open up a whole host of possibilities when it comes to storage options.


Wire shelves come in many different forms and can be used for different things in an industrial setting. They come in a range or shapes and sizes, with different storage capacities and features.

Some models even come with wheels, meaning that they are easy to move as and when required and put safely to the side with a safety lock on to prevent it from going anywhere.


As well as being versatile, they can also be reconfigured to meet certain needs or requirements in a working environment. They are far easier to change, compared to hardwood shelving and this can prove to be essential in a diverse workspace where requirements change on a weekly and even daily basis.

No Maintenance

With wire shelves, maintenance will be minimal – if at all! Compared to wooden shelving, which can get scuffed and scraped and require re-sanding.

Environment and Element Proof

Moisture and drastically changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on wooden shelves and cause damage, some of which is irreparable. With wire shelves, however, there is no need to worry about maintenance, especially if you opt for a material such as stainless steel or one similar in durability.


Wire shelving can be a lot cheaper than wooden shelving, they both have the same general functionality but as you can see, wire shelves pose more advantages.


Wire shelves are safer when it comes to the issue of fire safety. Due to them being made of strong and durable, they are more likely to survive a fire or something of a similar nature.

Good Capacity

The capacity of your wire shelves will depend on what size unit you go for. However, there is a large range of different sized shelving units available. Able to fit any space you may be trying to optimise.

Keeps Everything Visible

Compared to drawers, wire shelves help keep everything in plain sight, whilst still looking organised. This makes it easier for employees to identify where certain pieces of equipment are. This then streamlines the whole operation.

Easy to Clean

If something leaks or spills onto wire shelving, it is easy to clean up but it also won’t mark the shelving. Compared to if the same were to happen on wooden shelves.

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